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Gerald Fitzgerald

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About our Logo

The logo was chosen as it represents the distinctive but ubiquitous New Zealand tī kōuka or ‘cabbage tree’ (Cordyline australis)

Endemic to New Zealand, it is a particularly hardy but useful and adaptable tree. It will bounce back from fire and meteorological adversity.

In pre-European times, it was used as a source of food, durable fibre for textiles, anchor ropes, fishing lines, baskets, waterproof capes, and footwear.

The kōata (or tip of the plant) was eaten raw as a blood tonic or cleanser by nursing mothers and given to children for colic. Juice from the leaves was used for cuts and sores. An infusion of the leaves was taken for diarrhoea and other stomach pains.

It does not do well in hot tropical climates like the Caribbean, Queensland, Southeast Asia or Florida.

Tī kōuka is resilient, useful and adaptable, qualities that Fitzgerald Strategic Legal embraces and endeavours to emulate.




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